The Dream Riders

A set of work entitled ‘My Little Playground’ for the Inkygoodness 'Play' Show - including 3 Screenprints + 2 T-shirts + 1 pack of Art Prints.

Created to inhabit 'My Little Playground' a place where any children's imagination can become reality. The first to enter are 'The Dream Riders'. Sitting on top of their favourite 'Spring, Swing, Rocking' transport devices, they're taken to worlds never seen by their eyes before. Please sit tight, and enjoy this little adventure together.
Fun Facts:
Going deeper in to the theme of 'Play' and back to the primary stages of learning as children, I have tried to be clever in my use of colour for the 3 pieces (to work well as a set of Illustrations).
Firstly, from left to right you can see that I have used traffic light colours, which is reminiscent of childhood days of learning to cross the road and playground games (it also links to the fact that they are 'Riders' on transport). Secondly, the number of colours, the first piece is a 1 colour screenprint, then 2 colour and 3 colour.
*2 extra illustrations 'PLAY IN SPACE' feature in the A5 Artprints.
Typographic work displaying the letters P L A Y
Pattern work showing my 'Space Skaters' playing amongst the stars
A5 Artprints
6 x Illustrations
1 x Screenprinted Vinyl Cover
2 x T-Shirts

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