iGenimatron | London Design Week

I was invited to participate in The 'Idea Generator' - exhibition and workshops by the wonderful 'Concept Lounge' - which previewed during The London Design Week.

The iGenimatron 2000 is a powerful machine possessed by many creative people in the world (secretly*). It has the ability to focus / filter / compress / all the masses of imagery your brain has captured, all the stories and fairytales every single word, all the facts and useless information, and turn it in to a 'Gem of an idea'.
"...The Concept Lounge is a curatorial collective that works across the design industry to host tailor-made exhibitions, workshops and events in partnership with individuals and institutions.  By providing a forum for debate and the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange..."
The restriction of the 1 colour screen printing process forced me to be creative with the halftone details. There's some nice little halftone detailing on things like the smoke - the black circle floating in liquid, and the little guy - that looks like he's disintegrating..
Title: The iGenimatron 2000
Print Method: 1 x Colour Screen Print
Format: A2. 200gsm

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