A selected client list for Draw & Code’s immersive experience projects includes:

And over 50+ other NDA immersive installations, pitch concepts, and R&D projects.
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1. SwapBots - AR Toy
Role: Design, Illustration & UI/UX.
Resposibilities: Creating promotional illustration and animation content. UI/UX R&D, wireframing and prototyping for the app and game development. Packaging design and other marketing materials.
2. Terracotta Warriors - Immersive Installation
Role: Storyboard and 2D Support
Resposibilities: Helping to flesh out the Storyboards for the 'Warring States' animation. Creating watercolour styled illustrations for animated backgrounds and promotional banners and materials.
3. Mercedes Benz - XR Trailer
Role: Concept Design & AR Wall Interactive Lead
Resposibilities: Designing the layout and flow of the trailer experience. Liaising with the client and the installation team. Leading on the concept and UX of the AR Wall.
4. Pink Floyd - Web AR Promo
Role: Storyboard and User Experience Flow.
Resposibilities: Designing the initial storyboard and flow of the experience.
5. Squixy - AR Interactive Workbook
Role: Graphic Design & Art Direction
Resposibilities: Creative and Art direction of the whole AR Interactive Workbook experience. Designing and Illustrating the workbook whilst liaising with the educators. Working with and leading the direction of the 3D assets and AR experiences. Composition of 3D scenery.
6. Wondrous Place - Livepool Museum - Interactive Installation
Role: 2D Art Lead & Creative Direction
Resposibilities: Creative and Art direction of the 3 x Interactive Installations. Design of the Digital Tablets, The interactive illustrated Film Map, and The Music Quiz booth. Creating all assets for the interactives, and leading a team of 2 designers on illustration.
7. Liverpool University - SHELTA - VR Wellbeing App
Role: Concept Design & Art Direction
Resposibilities: Initial style and concept design, in collaboration with Creative Production Designer. Initial UX flow of the experience. General oversight on the look and feel of the experience and brand. 

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