The Renmen Project (TRP) was brought together in 2010 by the team at Thunder Chunky and Ben The Illustrator in order to raise funds for UNICEF's Haiti Appeal. Throughout 2010 we worked with a selection of top artists and designers from around the world (including TADO - Jeremyville - Jon Burgerman - plus many more) to create artwork which we sold online. Every penny made from art sales went to the UNICEF's Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal. Now, one year later, we will finish with a bang! We will be releasing several limited edition products, kicking off with this collaboration from the vector collective, Blood Sweat Vector.

Artists were organised in to pairs to work together on 1 letter from the word R E N M E N (which is the Haitian word for L O V E) ! Lovingly crafted and organised over a period of over 6 months, the result is 6 intricate illustrations, each letter blending together the styles of each collaborating duo to create something very very special.
R - Zutto + Chris Leavens
E -  Loungekat + Bucketothought
N -  Travis Price + Okayboss
M -  Stephen Chan + StubbornSideburns
E -  Tougui + IKS
N -  J3Concept + Tokyo Candies

Limited edition of 20 sets
A3 Quality Prints

Available to purchase at:
The Renmen Shop

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