Draw & Code | Immersive Experience Collection
Foot Locker | Liverpool Store Branding
Hanna | "I Just Missed Your Heart"
Laser Cut Projects | Vol 1
Lane Crawford Shoebox Art
Laser Cut Projects | Vol 2
Harvard Business Review | Fixing Discrimination Online
Fortune Magazine Cover | Tech IPOs Article
Fast Company & Fortune Magazine | Tech section
FAST Company Magazine | Cancer Fighters
The Shape of Happiness | Coke | McDonalds
Kult Magazine X General Electric
Fortune Magazine Editorial | Tech Section
Light Night Projection Mapping | Star Explorer
Version 0.2
Last Viking Standing | ELCAF
2 Colours | 3 Dimensions Exhibition
Adventures of Space Owl | Ammo Magazine 10
BOTS | Pick Me Up Art Fair | Cooper Bod
Character Conga | Eye Candy
BOTS | Pick Me Up Art Fair | Childhood
Terminator Cerebrum
Tiger Beer | Metropolis | Asia Pacific Events.
Journey To The East
King Kong Vs Godzilla
Facebook Island | Singapore
Dr Slump Vol 1 | Kult Book Covers Show
BOTS | One for Sorrow Show
The Myth of Totummy
iGenimatron | London Design Week
Blood Sweat Vector X Renmen Project
The Siege of Screenadelica
Pop Mech | Fortune | Esquire Magazine Editorial
Little Escher's Train Set Paradox
Milton & King | Wallpaper Collection
The Great Battle of 1211
The Dream Riders
Little Escher's Building Blocks
Pork Pirates | Tea Time Exhibition
Ninja Assassin | The Spybook
New Sugar Project | Alphabits
Computer Arts Projects | 128
Editions | Power in Numbers Exhibition
Choc Bear City
High Tides & Low Rides
Screenadelica | Window Vinyl
Chasing Constellations
Space Pirates | Diamond Heist
SOYU | Chinese Zodiac | HORSE
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